The German Shepherd Guide

A German Shepherd is certainly the most intelligent and beautiful pet you can have. These dogs will perform very well and they can be a very important family member if they are trained well. Many people believe that these dogs are the best guardian and companion to a certain family. But are they good for the family? What about the kids, are they safe around the dogs? And do the dogs give you migraine when training or are they resourceful to have them around? An overall answer to all that is yes, but how?

German Shepherd Dog

How Good and Beneficial are they?

These dogs have a special personality that is accompanied by bold, but not aggressive, expressions, random friendship and self-confidence. Usually, these dogs are easily approachable, and they can stand their ground and have full confidence and readiness to meet new people. The German Shepherd will act friendly with other family pets, if they are introduced while still puppies. These dogs can be a very wonderful companion if they are trained well. What makes the GSD special is;

• The strength, athletic and beautiful look that it has. It is naturally appealing and its strength is unique in its way.
• It flourishes in many challenging exercises and activities.
• It always looks strict and impressive, for that matter, it can act as a great warning whenever there is danger.
• They tend to be calm when calm or when they are not exercised, that will give you a peace of mind if you need a rest.
• They are naturally versatile, loyal and intelligent, and if they are trained perfectly, they can learn to do a whole lot of things even by themselves.

Basically, the GSD is a very loyal pet. In most cases, they are used in the Military, Police Work and for search and rescue missions. They are also super versatile as they can serve in various roles regularly or constantly. When they are trained to socialize when still puppies, they can be the most loyal member of the entire family. The dogs can go to the extend of sacrificing their lives to save that of a family member or any other person, if they are well trained to do so. This makes the dog a perfect companion.

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

German Shepherd Family DogAbsolutely yes. Despite the fact that people picture the German Shepherd as being meant only for attacks, these dogs are very sweet to be around if they are properly bred. The way you raise your dog will equally determine the latter behavior. If have a propensity to beat your dog whenever, you will make it to become petrified and extra fierce to anyone, especially visitors. On the contrary, raising your dog in the right way and punishing it correctly while giving it enough love, he will behave in the most, social, adorable and welcoming way to your family members and guests. When still at a young age, the dog should be introduced to the various family members as well as any other outsider who may be a frequent visitor.

When you take away a puppy toy away, he will show growl or some some hostility. The way you respond will determine how the dog will behave when fully grown. You will need to respond in a polite and friendly way when something like that happens in order to avoid a tendency. In some situations, a young puppy may forget you, so you need to remind them constantly. This usually happens in the first stages, which will take only a few weeks.

Are They Safe around kids?

German Shepherd with KidsThe way the dogs will behave around or when with your kids will depend on how both the parties are trained. But all in all, the dogs are good friends for the kids. When the dogs are trained when still puppies how to behave near kids, it will boost the future relationship. On the other hand, the kids should be taught not to be aggressive with the dogs and beat them. This might lead to a future hate between the two. But once trained well, they are best of buddies. Other reasons why they are great with kids are;

• They barely fall sick or are infested with dog-related disease, thus ensuring your kids are not infected by the disease when they are near or with the dogs.
• They rarely shed off their fur, which makes it comfortable when they are hanging around the children. The fur could infect the kids with asthma or breathing-related problems.

Is German Shepherd Training Easy?

It is recommended to begin training your German Shepherd at the age of 8 weeks. You can engage them in the DIY training or rather enroll them in an obedience class. Generally, these dogs are easy to train given the natural obedience and intelligence that they have. They tend to catch up easily when you begin training them and when they have that comprehensive training, they can perform other functions all by themselves without close monitoring.

Obedience training is the most vital training for the GSD compared to other breeds. When you train your dog for obedience, you will help them develop their cognitive abilities which make them confident and proud of their roles. The training also fights boredom and boosts their intelligence further.

The energy level will range from a humble dog to a vigorous one, but constant exercise helps the dog maintain its athletic shape and its natural outlook. Applying mental exercise such as agility, higher obedience, herding and tracking classes benefit the GSD even more. Always introduce them to people and also cats when they are still young, lest they become aggressive towards strangers in the future. For information on feeding your Shepherd, click here.

The German Shepherd is a very smart dog that can perform a lot of duties in and out of the house, so if you engage them in a comprehensive, proper training at a young age, you will have one great family member to rely on. They are also very loyal and you can always feel safe whenever you leave them at home even with your children.

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